Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spy Princess: the life of Noor Inayat Khan by Shrabani Basu

Shrabani Basu’s book, Spy Princess tells the story of Noor Inayat Khan.
What an
inspirational character, a real heroic character who exemplified courage, devotion and loyalty. I am in complete awe of her.
Noor Inayat Khan was born on 1st January 1914 in Moscow. Brought up in France and Britain, she came from a princely Indian Muslim family, raised in the Sufi style of Islam. She was the direct descendant of Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore. The first female wireless operator to be flown into occupied France, Noor was also the only Asian secret agent in Europe in World War II and was one of the three woman in the SOE to be awarded the George Cross and was awarded the Croix de Guerre.
Noor joined the Red Cross when World War II broke out. But, though Sufi tradition preached non-violence, she felt that she had to do more to oppose the horrors of fascism. In Britain, Noor trained as a wireless operator before being recruited by the SOE. Working under the code name of Madeleine, she joined a group that sabotaged communication lines. But within days her circuit collapsed and her colleagues were arrested. She made two dramatic escape attempts, but was recaptured and sent to Germany. Here she was interrogated and tortured and finally sent to Dachau, Where she was shot on 13th September 1944. The Germans had learned nothing from her – not even her real name.
Shrabani Basu has done a commendable job.

You have to READ THIS BOOK and believe me you will feel like reading it again and again.

About the Author

Shrabani Basu is the London correspondent for the Calcutta - based Ananda Bazar Patrika Group and writes for the Telegraph and other publications. She is the author of Curry: The Story of the Nation's Favourite Dish.

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