Sunday, September 12, 2010

Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Do you believe in Love?

If you believe in God, you will definitely believe in love. He has made someone special for everyone and will show his presence through that someone.
If you believe in true love, you will get it. There will be a day in your life when someone will make you understand the meaning of "WE".... Its not about you and I....Its about "WE" that makes all the difference.

LOVE is a sacred bond between two people, the most purest and sweetest emotion which has the power to heal the deepest wound, wash away all your pain and make you feel alive once again.

Message in a bottle is the tragic story of a journalist Theresa Obsorne who works for Boston Times and writes columns on parenting. Deeply hurt by her ex-husband who shattered her trust, she is wary of true love, trailing through life shuttling between her work and her 12 year old son, who take up all her time and keep her occupied with barely any time left for herself. She is persuaded by her boss who is also her best friend to take a trip with her to Cape Cod so that she gets a chance to discover herself once again and come out of the grief and pick up life once again while her son is vacationing with his father and his new wife.
While strolling on the beach, she stumbles upon a bottle which has a letter rolled in it. She removes the letter from the bottle and is deeply moved by the desperate message that a man has written for his wife. She publishes this letter and comes across two more letters written by the same man for his wife. She gets very curious and wants to know more about this man Garrett and Catherine and wants to know what pulled them apart. Her quest to know more about him leads her in search of him and from this begins an episode which changes her life completely. Garrett and she fall for each other but their love is hindered by many confrontations with real life difficulties setting in like they being from completely different backgrounds and the distance but the main conflict was Garrett still being unable to overcome his dead wife Catherine whom he loved very deeply. Garrett wondered if one could be in love with two people at the same time. This was one of the main dilemma that their relationship faced. All this while he was unaware about his letters with Theresa and when he came across them accidentally, he was furious and left Theresa hurt and accused her of setting up all this and calling their relationship a sham but when Theresa explains him everything, he feels sorry but by then Theresa leaves him and a year later she gets a call from his father and gets to know about Garrett's death. One week later she receives a letter from him where he tells her that his biggest mistake was not letting go of Catherine and that he realized that they were fated to meet and now wants to spend all his life with her and is going to be with her soon but.... destiny had other plans.....
Very touching....
We suffer when we don't accept reality and see only what we want to see and trap ourself in our own perceptions and restrain ourself from receiving what life has to offer.....

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