Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ping:A Frog in Search of a New Pond by Stuart Avery Gold

"To live a life of grace beyond gravity, you have two things - First, you have to have a strong desire to live your best life & second, you have to have the will & willingness to live it each and everyday."

Ping is a simple and inspiring tale of a frog called Ping, who goes in search of a new pond, preferably one good for long-distance jumping. Along the way, he meets an owl who guides him with his wisdom to reach new heights. Ping is a metaphor for all of us who at some point of time in our life get either stuck or saturated with where we are at that point of time in our life, where life becomes static with no opportunity for growth and then we have two options, option 1. to go on living the same dull life or option 2. to venture out in search of new opportunities to accomplish more and reach great heights. But when we bring a change in our life or do something new, we come across obstacles like Ping did but with the Owl's help and motivation Ping achieved what he wanted. "If the path you travel has no obstacles, it leads nowhere."
The Owl says to Ping, "To live an intentional life, belief & will are what it takes. With these two things, all is possible. To live an intentional life is to learn how to swim with an existence that flows. Go with the flow, because the flow knows where to go. To see where you need to go, you need only to go inside yourself, clearing away the confusion of your mind so that it can hear the promptings of your own heart. Only your own heart has the power to guide you. You must rely on yourself over any other offering. Born of the heart, hewn by the spirit, the path to the magic life cannot be taught - it must be taken."

Moral - When we follow are nature, we give full expression to our souls, our talents, our gifts, our passion, our power, our deepest sense of who we are & how we wish to be. When we flow in complete accord with our own correct path, a lot of wonderful truths suddenly become evident. Our joy to the magical life was with us all along, waiting only to be recognized for the fundamental force it is.

About the Author
Stuart Avery Gold is a zentrepreneur, author, future-finder and both imagineer and champion of imagineers. His latest book an international best seller is, Ping: A Frog in Search of a New Pond. Titles of his other highly acclaimed books include, Success at Life, Dragon Spirit, Tiger Heart Tiger Mind, Wowisms, and The Zentrepreneur’s Idea Log and Workbook. Translated into languages around the world, Stuart's books have been lauded by Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Al Ries, Jeffrey Fox, Cheryl Richardson, and Melinda Davis, and described by Newsweek as “a blend of business advice and spiritual teachings for the 21st century entrepreneur.”

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